Online lottery- A  Brief Overview

Are you excited to play the free lottery and win $4,500 in Bitcoin? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Continue to read to find out exactly how to grab this golden opportunity.

Visit the page lottery and enroll yourself in the Online lottery that takes place every week on Monday and starts at 00.00 UTC. This brings you the opportunity to earn free BTC prizes and rewards.  Don’t just settle there. Every week 10 lucky winners stand a chance to win $4,500 free Bitcoins.

I know this sounds quite big to be true. Well, it is indeed true. Trust me when I say this, entering this lottery contest is made easy to participate and there are several ways to get you enrolled in this weekly Bitcoin lottery contest. Remember this contest starts every Monday at 0.00UTC and ends the following Sunday at 23.59 UTC.

online lottery

Once you are successfully registered and you start accumulating lottery tickets all you need to do is to check your ticket total against the “Your Tickets” section on the website. This section helps you to know the total number of tickets that are actually in the pot and the “win chance” section helps to give an idea about the chances of winning in the Bitcoin lottery. Remember the higher the number of tickets you own increases your chances of winning.

This lottery is really interesting and thrilling to play. Try your luck and see what it has in store for you. Remember life is all about taking that extra change when others decided to play safe.

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